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The "R" Frenchie Love Story

Ralphie was a lonely Sire looking for a Dame. All the way from Californ-i-a Rozi then came. They met and romped, fell in love and then they tied the knot. The love grew stronger and the first litter was born...Then they all found new homes and they are awaiting some more! Contact  their Responsible Breeder to put a deposit down to claim your next fur baby from these Cuties! 

Hi, I'm Rita Carson a Professional Breeder 

About the Breeder


My name is Rita Carson and I have always had pets in my home growing up and growing older. I have always been fond of those squishy face flat nose dogs that snore. For several years I owned pugs and then was introduced and fell in love with the French Bulldog Breed. In my opinion the Frenchie's are the Ultimate Breed. Frenchie's present a very laid back but energetic compliant personality. 

I have spent most of my career years as a decorative faux painter for the residential and commercial industry,  in addition to  raising my two beautiful children. Now that my children have graduated college and starting families of their own I felt it was time for a career change. So after tons of research and observing other breeders I decided to become a loving and responsible breeder and raise the best quality French Bulldog breed I possibly can.

I chose the name R Frenchie Life because growing up there were 5 siblings in my home and all of our names begin with letter  "R", So I just carried on a family tradition and named my children with R's... two legged and 4 legged! All my puppies names will continue to start with R and of course the names can change with new owners. 

I focus on Breeding rare French Bulldogs such as Blues and Chocolates, I don't do the standard AKC colors but my dogs and litters are registered through the AKC. Both my Dame and Sire are quality pets from reputable breeders. I love to talk about my R Frenchie Fur Babies so feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns! 


Kindest "R"egards! :-)


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